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Netball NI launch Value of Netball Survey, in association with Sport NI

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As shared with members in 2022, Netball NI have secured funding from Sport NI to
complete a Social Return on Investment study.

The study, conducted by Substance ( will determine the identified
benefits of Netball NI programmes in financial terms for the purposes of valuation.
Assessment of the impact and value of participation in Netball across Northern Ireland using
a tailored version of the UEFA GROW SROI Model that Substance has developed and has
since adapted for other sports, such as Rugby Union.
The model allows for scope and stakeholders to be considered in terms of both territory and
population. The model assesses impact in relation to three overarching domains: Economic,
Social and Health.

β€’ In the Economic domain these include player-based expenditure and facility
investments considered in terms of GVA as well as impacts on local employment.
β€’ In the Social domain they include the value of impacts on crime, education,
employment, volunteering and social capital.
β€’ In the Health domain they include the value of impacts on Cardio-vascular diseases,
cancers, mental health, ageing, subjective wellbeing and injury.


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Netball NI will use the independent assessment of the impact and social value associated
with participation in Netball across Northern Ireland to reinforce the business case for
investment in our sport across more than the traditional route currently accessed that
focuses on support from the Department for Communities.

To date, Netball NI have been successful in applying for investment in this way and would
look to continue to do so, but alongside this, use the findings to create business cases and
partnerships with other government departments, funders and new investors who align with
our values and see evidence and impact from the work that we do.
Furthermore, having up to date, independently sourced data will inform a strategic approach
to lobbying and investment applications.

As we undertake this study, we need your help and would be grateful if you could please
complete the survey HERE by Monday 6 th February 2023, to allow us to provide the
largest data collection possible for analysis. Everyone who completes the survey has the
opportunity to* be entered into a draw to win a series family pass for the U17 European
Championships in Antrim Forum, 23rd – 26th February 2023.


🚨 Complete the survey HERE 🚨