B Umpire Award

The Netball Europe B Umpire Award is perfect for those that have gained their C Umpire Award and are looking to Umpire in higher divisions in Local Leagues.


  • Course duration: 6 hours
  • Pre course work: Record of matches umpired/regular revision of the rules
  • Online tutorials: 2 hours
  • Face to face delivery: 4 hours

On completion of the course, individuals should be able to:

  • Apply the different levels of knowledge and skills between a Netball Europe C and B Award umpire
  • Know and apply the rules in more demanding contexts and increase confidence when umpiring in more challenging environments
  • Use recommended hand signals to illustrate decisions made
  • Apply Match Protocols/Match Guidelines
  • Apply advantage appropriately
  • Show an increased understanding and application of the umpiring techniques of Positioning, Vision and Timing and an ability to show good movement skills
  • Recognise the difference between Contact that does or does not interfere with play
  • Utilise effective Game Management techniques
  • Understand the requirements to progress along the Umpiring pathway

Once you have completed the course the next step is completing your B Theory Assessment and then the B Practical Pre Assessment & B Assessment.

Requirements of Entry:

  • C Umpiring Award. Minimum of 1 years’ experience or have been Talent Identified

Minimum age: Candidates must be age 16 or over to attend the B Umpire Course

Pre-requisite: C umpire Award

As part of your Umpiring Assessment you must submit your Fitness Bleep Test Result using NNI-Fitness-test-result-sheet: for the B Award, you are required to reach a minimum of 6.1.

Theory and Practical assessment must be completed within 1 year of the course date.

Cost of course: £150.00

Assessment Cost: £65.00

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