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Primary & Secondary Affiliations NOW OPEN!

The deadline for affiliation is Friday, June 30, 2023

Primary School Affiliation Form

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In Northern Ireland, Netball NI has been at the forefront of promoting and developing netball , nurturing talent and providing opportunities for players of all ages. Now, Netball NI is thrilled to announce the launch of its brand new Primary School Affiliation Package, designed to bring the exciting world of netball directly to the heart of primary education.

Netball NI understands the vital role that primary schools play in shaping young minds and fostering a love for sports. The Primary School Affiliation Package aims to empower schools to introduce and integrate netball into their curriculum, offering a multitude of benefits for students, teachers, and the community as a whole.

One of the key advantages of affiliating with Netball NI is access to a wealth of resources and support. Affiliated schools will receive access to specific professional support in relation to; coach, official and volunteer development, performance opportunities, governance support, safeguarding personnel all tailored specifically for primary school teachers and students. These resources will equip primary teachers with the tools they need to deliver engaging netball sessions, regardless of their level of expertise. Netball NI will also provide ongoing guidance and advice to teachers, ensuring they feel confident and empowered in their role as facilitators of the sport.

Affiliated schools will also gain access to a vibrant netball community. Netball NI organises regular events, competitions and blitz days that bring together teachers, coaches, and players from various schools. This community-building aspect fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the opportunity to learn from experienced netball professionals. Through this network, schools can develop partnerships, exchange best practices, and create a supportive environment that promotes the growth of netball at the grassroots level.

The launch of the new Netball NI Primary School Affiliation Package marks an exciting chapter in the development of netball at the grassroots level.

By affiliating with Netball NI, primary schools gain access to a comprehensive support system, a thriving netball community and thrilling participation opportunities for their students.

Join Netball NI and be part of a movement that will inspire, empower, and transform the lives of young netball enthusiasts across Northern Ireland.

Primary School Affiliation Form

Primary School League INFO 2023-2024


In response to the valuable input received from the school’s forum and subsequent survey, it has become evident that a substantial overhaul of the competitive framework within schools is necessary to foster the continued growth and success of netball in NI schools.

We are pleased to report that the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. To facilitate the prompt commencement of the netball season, the Schools Working Group (SWG) will diligently refine this new structure during the summer months. However, in order for us to proceed accordingly, we kindly request that for those wishing to participate in the NNI schools’ competitions, it is imperative to complete your affiliation for the upcoming 2023/24 season here:


Once affiliated, your school will be eligible for the forthcoming season.  You will then receive a link for team entries.

Please note that the following costs will be applicable for the 2023/24 season:

  • School affiliation: £60 per school
  • Individual team entries: £30 per team (this fee covers inclusion in the Cup structure, should you choose to opt in)

To facilitate effective planning and preparation, we kindly request that all relevant information be submitted before the end of the current school term. We understand that this timeline may seem brief, but it was necessary to accommodate the School’s Forum and allow ample time for feedback and necessary adjustments.

By adhering to this timeline, the SWG and our team will be able to diligently work on finalising the new structure over the summer period, ensuring its seamless implementation by the end of August or the beginning of September. This will afford schools a. sufficient timeframe to organise their respective games.

We strongly urge you to complete both the affiliation form and your team entries without delay in order to secure your participation in the NNI schools’ competitions. The deadline for affiliation is Friday, June 30, 2023.


Furthermore, being affiliated with Netball NI opens the door to exciting participation opportunities. Schools will have the chance to compete in local and regional inter-school tournaments, showcasing their skills and building team camaraderie.

The benefits of netball affiliation extend beyond the confines of the school.  Affiliated schools can benefit from discounted rates with our official partners:

Netball UK


J&K Coaches

Galgorm Resort

Kingsbridge Healthcare Group

J Hatty Insurance

Feherty Travel

Willian Wilson Accountants

The deadline for affiliation is Friday, June 30, 2023

Primary School Affiliation Form

Primary School League INFO 2023-2024