Emerging Warriors

What is the Emerging Warriors Programme?

The Emerging Warriors programme was launched by Netball NI in November 2020 to support and develop performance netballers in our pathway who are based in Northern Ireland. This exciting programme reflects the evolving dynamics and needs of performance sport, and will directly impact on our Performance Targets within the Netball NI Strategy 2020-25.

The purpose of the programme is to provide access to a year round, consistent high-performance training programme for emerging talent within the Northern Ireland performance pathway; giving exposure to the training environment expected of senior squad athletes; whilst helping Northern Ireland based Senior athletes access a full time training programme.

This programme will make significant investment in the emerging athletes from within the NI performance pathway who demonstrate the talent, potential, drive and commitment to one day play senior international netball for the Northern Ireland Warriors. They will benefit from significant investments in their physical and skill development as they progress through the underage ranks, ultimately closing the gap between underage and senior level performance netball.

This programme will deliver two strength and conditioning sessions and one court session weekly, developing the technical skills and physical capabilities of each athlete to increase the quality and depth of talent within the NI system. Athletes will have access to additional workshops looking at the off court skills of elite athletes, offering education around lifestyle skills, clean sport and nutrition.

The Emerging Warriors Programme will run alongside the Northern Ireland Warriors training programme, and high performing athletes from the EWP will be invited into the Senior Squad Training Camps, based on performances and commitment to the programme.

Who is it for?

Emerging talent from within the NI performance pathway aged 15+ who have the potential to represent NI at senior level in the future, and crucially, who can fully commit to all aspects of the training programme.

We also recognise that there are talented netballers who will not be able to fully commit to this type of programme due to other commitments such as other sports or work. Dual athletes have a flair and unique skillset, and have been the backbone of the NI international squads over the years. They, and other netballers will still be involved in underage national squads, receiving the support, training development and competition opportunities of those squads and continue to progress through the pathway as before.

A monthly financial and time commitment will be expected from all netballers involved in the programme.

How to nominate an athlete to be involved?

To ensure impact, the number of netballers in the Emerging Warriors programme is small, however additional athletes can be added to the programme throughout the year.

Coaches can nominate netballers who they feel are emerging talent, and would benefit from being involved in the Emerging Warriors programme.

Emerging Warriors Nomination Form 21-22

What about the NI Underage National Squads or Club netball?

This program does not replace any current pathway programs – it is a new addition which we hope will add great value to our performance athletes.
The national squads will run alongside the Emerging Warriors Programme, and athletes will be managed carefully if they are in both groups. Netballers will be expected to prioritise Emerging Warriors training over club training, and most club matches if there are clashes to ensure the maximum benefit of the programme.

Emerging Warriors Programme 2020-2021

These netballers make up the inaugral Emerging Warriors group.

For more information on the programme, please contact Noleen (performancepathway@netballni.org)