Play for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland are currently ranked 11th in the World Netball rankings. We have competed in International Test events, and European Championships, the World Cup and Commonwealth Games events at senior level. Our U17 and U21 squads compete in European and World Youth competitions.

Netballers may be eligible to represent Northern Ireland at international level if they meet the following guidelines as set out by World Netball –

Player Eligibility for International Events 6.11

Netballers are eligible to represent Northern Ireland providing they can meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

  • A citizen of Northern Ireland (copy of your passport or other document evidencing citizenship).
  • Born in Northern Ireland (able to provide a copy of birth certificate).
  • At least one parent or grandparent born in Northern Ireland (able to provide a copy of relevant parent’s / grandparent’s birth certificate and/or passport).
  • Living permanently and have been physically present in Northern Ireland for at least 24 months prior to a proposed competition. (Short holidays away are permitted. Documents evidencing that you have lived in Northern Ireland for 24 months may be required)
Netball and the Northern Ireland Act (1998)

Netball Northern Ireland is a stand-alone body recognised in its entirety by Netball Europe and the International Netball Federation.

As per the Northern Ireland Act 1998, citizens within Northern Ireland have the following birth right:

‘It is the birth right of all the people of Northern Ireland to identify themselves…as Irish or British or both, as they may so choose and accordingly…. to hold both a British and Irish Citizenship’.

Subsequently, Netball athletes in Northern Ireland can choose to represent either Northern Ireland or Ireland at international level. It is up to the athlete to make an informed decision on which route they would like to take.

If you are interested in finding out more about our pathway, or to discuss if you are eligible to represent Northern Ireland, please contact Rebbecca Hope (