Netball NI offer a range of memberships to ensure you can participate at a level that’s right for you, whether you’re just starting out at junior club level, returning to train casually at your club, or competing for a League title.

Anyone training or involved in a Netball NI affiliated club, or competing at international level for Northern Ireland should have one of the following memberships:

  • Senior
  • Junior
  • Social
  • Affiliated non-competitive player
  • Non-competitive club member
  • World Wide official Warrior Supporter

Anyone wishing to get involved in social netball nights and festivals should have a social membership (listed under ‘unaffiliated’ below.)

Please note Netball NI individual affiliation is separate to your club’s membership fees and is paid directly to Netball NI.

Deadline for affiliation to compete in the NNI leagues and competitions:

  • Senior Memberships – 31 October
  • Junior Memberships – 31 October


GDPR information

Personal data collected on registration will be held in hard copy and electronically in the Netball NI office for 2 years.
You consent to NNI personnel/representatives collating media (including photos and videos) that can be used for social media or publicity purposes.
By affiliating to Netball NI you will be included in our ezine, keeping you up to date with any important Netball NI related information, and to promote netball events (including but not limited to workshops, camps, domestic competitions, international events, netball offers).
You can request to remove your details at any time. To opt out contact

More information on our GDPR policies can be found here.

Clean Sport

As a member of Netball Northern Ireland you agree to be bound by the Anti-Doping Rules of Netball Northern Ireland which are the UK Anti-Doping Rules published by UK-Anti-Doping (or its successor), as amended from time to time.
You agree for Netball Northern Ireland to share your information, where relevant, with UK Anti-Doping (or its successor) for the purpose of intelligence sharing in relation to possible anti-doping rule violations. This information will be shared in a secure manner.
For more information, visit our anti-doping page