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2024 Rules of Netball update 

Following an extensive consultation period, World Netball have updated the Rules of Netball. These updates will become effective for international matches from 1st January 2024.

For us to update our educational materials and offer training materials to the netball family, domestic implementation in Northern Ireland will be from 1st September 2024. This means that all recognised and authorised netball must continue to be played to the 2020 Rules of Netball until this time.

Click here to view the – 2024 Rules of Netball

Click here to view the – World Netball Summary of Changes document

Click here to view the – 2024 World Netball Technical Officials manual

Key Updates 

  • New look Rules book to make it clearer to interpret and apply the Rules. All infringements now have the sanction and terminology listed.
  • Updates to the Contact and Game Management Rules designed to protect player safety.
  • Scoring a Goal – when a shot is being taken and the ball is in flight, if the whistle is blown to end the period of play, the goal will stand if successful.
  • Introduction of a Tactical Change – these can only happen after a goal is scored and removes the need for a player to feign injury to be substituted. Players can also switch positions with another on court player without the need to be substituted.
  • The Toss Up has been removed – where simultaneous infringements occur the team with the ball will retain possession or if the ball is loose, the team who last had possession will retain it.
  • Short Pass – when a player passes the ball, there must be sufficient space on the court for an opposing player to be able to deflect or intercept the ball as it moves from the hands of the passer to the receiver.

Changes to speed up the game 

  • Players may go Offside to collect the ball to speed up a sanction being taken but this cannot be used to gain a tactical advantage.
  • Players are no longer required to wait for other players to be on court to take a throw-in.
  • Players from both teams can reposition in the court surround in an attempt to gain a better position.

Other notable changes 

  • Blood – Players who have dry blood on their uniform but who are not bleeding are no longer required to be substituted.
  • Centre Pass – any on court player can request the centre pass is checked for validity.
  • Additional tidy ups and simplifications to the Playing the ball, Advantage, Short Pass and Throw In rules.

Other things to look out for 

  • You will no longer hear an umpire saying ‘Advantage Goal’ on infringements that occur just before a goal is scored. The umpire will now say ‘Advantage,’ the sanction, and the player position infringing. ‘Advantage Contact GK’ or ‘Advantage Obstruction GD.’
  • If the umpires blow the whistle at the same time to penalise opposing teams for infringements, the infringement with the more significant sanction or action will stand according to the following order. Foul play, Major Infringement, Minor infringements, or an infringement resulting in an action being taken.

World Netball have created several fantastic resources which are shown below, displaying the main updates in video form, accompanied by helpful factsheets.

Click here to see the Fact Sheets

Netball NI will be supplementing this with additional educational resource in the coming months to ensure everyone is ready to return to court in September.

Should you have any questions regarding the 2024 Rules of Netball update, please email


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Download the 2020 International Netball Rules Book