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Coaching Course

At NETBALL NI we have a range of courses suitable for every level.

Netball NI have continuously grow our offering across our platforms and are currently undertaking work to make education courses even more accessible and flexible for the needs of our members.


Introduction to Coaching

The Introduction to Coaching award is designed to give the learner coach the essential skills to those who are coaching grass roots netball. The module, delivered via ZOOM is also ideal to support teachers/volunteers that are currently coaching at primary school level.

Coaching resources available with this module.

After completing the this course, the individual will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals for primary school children
  • Have knowledge on a range of drills and how to apply them
  • Introduce netball specific skills
  • Plan and deliver a session
  • Confidently deliver to a group

Cost: £25 members | £35 non-members


Level 1 Coaching Course

The Level 1 course is the first step on the coaching pathway. Perfect for those over 16 years old who have a sound knowledge and experience of the game of netball and an understanding of the rules. This course is for those who are assisting a Level 2 Qualified Coach. When you successfully complete your course, you will be able to assist qualified Lead coaches, delivering aspects of coaching sessions, normally under direct supervision.

All resources for courses are available online and once you have signed up you will receive access to these 2 days prior to course start date.

Minimum Age 16: this is non-negotiable as qualified coaches have a duty of care to players.

Cost: £200

Duration: 2 online sessions + 2 days or 18 hours

Time: 9.15am to 5pm both days.


Level 2 Coaching Course

The Level 2 course is perfect for those who have been an active coach in Netball for a minimum of 2 years, or have a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Netball. After you are qualified you will be able to prepare for, deliver as a lead coach and review coaching session(s). This will normally be a series of 6-10 coaching sessions in any one sequence.

All resources for courses are available online and once signed up you will receive access to these 2 days prior to course start date.

Minimum Age 18: The Level 2 qualification is a Head Coach qualification, therefore candidates are responsible for the safety and welfare of participants in their coaching sessions.

First Aid & Safeguarding: To complete the Level 2 qualification candidates must provide valid certificates for first aid training and safeguarding training.  Your Local Council area may provide courses local to you.

Cost: £360

Duration: 4 days


Umpiring Course

Netball is changing. Participation is growing, more clubs are developing and players are getting faster and stronger. High quality umpiring at all levels is now more essential than ever in helping us achieve our mission, to develop and grow Netball in Northern Ireland.

Irrespective of age, ability, or experience at playing netball, if you have a passion for the game and then complete a C Award Course you can start your journey to becoming a netball umpire.

New Umpires learn by getting out there and having a go. Contact your local clubs or drop us an email via headofworkforce@netballni.org and we’ll help you to find somewhere to get started.


Foundation Umpire Award

The Foundation Umpire Award is designed to give the Learner the essential Rules knowledge prior to attending the C Practical Umpire course. It is delivered via a Zoom webinar and you can enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home. This resource will start you on the umpire pathway; introducing you to the rules, techniques and skills required to be an effective umpire. Hopefully, you will enjoy the modules and you will be motivated and informed enough to take the next step to developing your umpire skills through the C Practical Umpire Course.

Perfect for those that want to get to know the basic rules of netball and to start their officiating journey..

Minimum age: 13

Course Cost: £25.00 members | £35 non-members

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Netball Europe C Umpire Award


The C Umpire Course is perfect for those who wish to umpire at lower league divisions/junior level or school competitions.


  • Course duration: 5½ hours
  • Online/blended tutorials: 1½ hours course theory
  • Online/blended tutorials: 2 x 2 hours practical course or blended 1 x 4 hours

After you attend the course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the rules
  • Identify the requirements for Netball Europe C Award
  • Demonstrate correct use of whistle, voice and terminology
  • Begin to use recommended hand signals
  • Apply basic umpiring skills to identify and penalise infringements
  • Understand and demonstrate how correct positioning and appropriate movement skills will enhance vision and impact positively on decision making
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify Contact that interferes with play
  • Understand the importance of the Game Management process
  • Understand the requirements for Assessment
  • Understand the requirements for Assessment theory and practical.

Once you complete the initial course the next step is to complete C Theory Assessment (online) and then the C Practical Assessment.

Requirements of Entry:

  • Minimum Age:13 to attend the Course, 14 for Assessment

Theory and Practical assessment must be completed within 1 year of the start date course.


Course Cost: £125.00

Note course costs include: Delivery course, C Theory Assessment and C Practical Assessment.

Reassessment is £30.00 (if required)


Netball Europe C Theory Assessment

Netball Europe’s C Award Theory assessment can now be taken online any time through the year and in the comfort of your own home.

Course candidates will be sent information on how to book this once they have attended the C Umpiring Course.

Those still awaiting to take their theory should email headofworkforce@netbllni.org.


Netball Europe B Umpire Award

The B Umpire Award is perfect for those that have gained their C Umpire Award and are looking to Umpire in higher divisions in Local Leagues.


  • Course duration: 6 hours
  • Pre course work: Record of matches umpired/regular revision of the rules
  • Online tutorials: 2 hours
  • Face to face delivery: 4 hours

On completion of the course, individuals should be able to:

  • Apply the different levels of knowledge and skills between a Netball Europe C and B Award umpire
  • Know and apply the rules in more demanding contexts and increase confidence when umpiring in more challenging environments
  • Use recommended hand signals to illustrate decisions made
  • Apply Match Protocols/Match Guidelines
  • Apply advantage appropriately
  • Show an increased understanding and application of the umpiring techniques of Positioning, Vision and Timing and an ability to show good movement skills
  • Recognise the difference between Contact that does or does not interfere with play
  • Utilise effective Game Management techniques
  • Understand the requirements to progress along the Umpiring pathway

Once you have completed the course the next step is completing your B Theory Assessment and then the B Practical Pre Assessment & B Assessment.

Requirements of Entry:

  • C Umpiring Award. Minimum of 1 years’ experience or have been Talent Identified

Minimum age: Candidates must be age 16 or over to attend the B Umpire Course

Pre-requisite: C umpire Award

As part of your Umpiring Assessment you must submit your Fitness Bleep Test Result using NNI-Fitness-test-result-sheet: for the B Award, you are required to reach a minimum of 6.1.

Theory and Practical assessment must be completed within 1 year of the course date.

Cost of course: £150.00

Assessment Cost: £65.00

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