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Netball NI Tutor Recruitment 

Netball Northern Ireland is currently recruiting for Tutors to deliver Netball NI’s suite of Certificates and Awards, such as Introduction to Coaching, Netball Activators Award, Community Coach Award, Club Coach Award, as well as CPD. 

NNI is a growing sports business which is ready to deliver a strategy that will enable the sport of Netball to flourish in Northern Ireland.

We are committed to delivering services that support our members and will drive an agenda to help develop all aspects of the sport with the vision of becoming a top 8 ranked team in the World Netball rankings with a strong, cohesive school and club network. 

Our profile from finishing 8th at the 2018 Commonwealth Games, 10th at the 2019 Netball World Cup and 10th at 2022 Commonwealth Games, has inspired an abundance of women and girls to play our sport, at all levels. To further capitalise on this, we must develop capacity within our clubs, support our netball coaches, officials and volunteers, and enhance our performance pathway to ensure a quality experience of netball at all levels. 

We are currently redeveloping our Coaching Pathway, with the introduction of a new Learning Management System. We would welcome expressions of interest from experienced coaches, coach educators, tutors, developers, and experienced teachers with sound netball knowledge or from other sports.  


To apply please send CV & Covering Letter to 

Deadline for Applications is Midnight 31st July.  


Main duties and responsibilities  

Course Delivery  

  • Deliver Netball NI’s suite of Certificates and Awards, such as Introduction to Coaching, Netball Activators Award, Community Coach Award, Club Coach Award, as well as CPD.  
  • Prepare and deliver high quality courses in accordance with the Netball NI course content.  
  • Observe and evaluate candidates and provide constructive feedback.  
  • Plan and facilitate group tasks to help candidates discuss, learn, challenge, and share knowledge and ideas.  
  • Use modern delivery methods, IT, and resources to deliver the courses.  
  • Co-deliver courses where required providing structured development opportunities and feedback to trainee Tutors.  

Mentoring and Candidate support  

  • Where required act as a mentor to candidates to support them post-course.  
  • Provide candidates with information and support on developing their personal development plan and pathway progression. 

Course Development 

  • Where required provide insight and feedback into the Education Department to help develop Netball NI courses.  
  • Where required, support the Head of Workforce in developing CPD Modules and reviewing course content and delivery.  
  • Attend any Tutor Workforce workshops and meetings as required.  

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)  

  • All Tutors are expected to continuously reflect on their course delivery skills and develop where necessary.  
  • Attend any further training provided by SportNI or Netball NI.  
  • Netball NI recognises that our Tutor Workforce are a valued asset, and we wish to support progression and development. Tutors will have access to Netball NI CPD courses and modules and will be entitled to attend any other Netball NI development opportunities free of charge. 


  • Engage with learners during courses via the Learner Management System (LMS) where relevant.  
  • Using LMS to monitor and support assigned candidates where relevant. 
  • Marking and assessing assigned candidates’ coursework.  
  • Ensure all paperwork is completed within the NNI course deadlines.  
  • Submit Tutor Workforce fees and expense claims via NNI expense claim form within one month of the course completing.  


Personal Specification  

Experience and qualifications  

  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience as a NNI UKCC qualified coach.  
  • NNI UKCC Level 2 coaching qualification (preferred).  
  • Evidence of significant commitment to best practice coaching methodologies either in Netball or another sport.  
  • Sport Inclusion & Disability Awareness Workshop (desirable).  


  • Up to date knowledge of the Netball NI coach education pathways.  
  • Up to date knowledge of the Netball NI course content.  


  • Plan and deliver coaching material to a range of abilities. 
  • Ability to work with a variety of groups and facilitate group learning.  
  • Excellent IT skills – Netball NI utilises LMS for online tasks needed for courses. 
  • Creative, innovative, and adaptable in group delivery. 
  • Proven leadership and organisational skills.  
  • Excellent communication skills.  
  • Evaluate written and practical material and provide constructive and appropriate feedback.  

Time commitment  

  • Most Netball NI courses are delivered on weekends and some weekdays. 
  • Preparation and candidate support leading up to and during a course is essential and a Tutor must be able to dedicate substantial time to this and maintain a high level of communication with Netball NI staff and course attendees. 
  • Once assigned to a course it is the Tutor’s responsibility to ensure they can attend all course days.  
  • Tutors are expected to deliver at least 2 courses per year depending on CPD attendance. 
  • Tutors will be expected to provide candidate support once a course is completed where required. Courses are held across NI and Tutors may need to travel. However, Netball NI will endeavour to allocate courses to those who live in near proximity, if possible. 

Course details and fees 

Course  Duration/Contact Time  Online Work  Tutor Fee 
Introduction to Coaching   2 hours  Delivery via Zoom or in person   £42.50 
Netball Activators Award   1 day (10 hours)   Pre-Zoom session, and assessment and feedback via LMS  £215 
Community Coach Award  2 days (20 hours)  Zoom sessions, assessment, and feedback via LMS  £425 
Club Coach Award   3 days (28 hours)  Zoom sessions, assessment, and feedback via LMS  £645 
CPD sessions (generic)  2 hours  Delivery either F2F or online  £45 


Additional fees  

Where a qualified Tutor or experienced Tutor co-delivers a course to help facilitate a new Tutor in training an additional £50 can be claimed. For example, at Introduction to Coaching course an experienced Tutor can claim £265 if he/she co-delivers with a trainee Tutor and works with NNI to follow the qualification process. 

Travel rates  

Netball NI want to ensure we are doing are part in climate change. Our courses all have a blended approach to them to further remove travel. It is encouraged when travelling to a course that you share a lift or utilise public transport where available.  

The NNI Mileage rate is 40p per mile.  


To apply please send CV & Covering Letter to 


Deadline for Applications is Midnight 31st July.