U14 Development Tournament with Support from Belfast City Council

Sunday 20th March 2022
Shankill Leisure Centre

This Tournament is targeted at those players /clubs who , partly as a result of the ffects of Covid-19 pandemic, either have not taken part in the U14 leagues this year due to a feeling of not being ready/confident/enough game knowledge, or some of those who are taking part ,being very new to competition and keen to take advantage of additional play opportunites.

The tournament has capacity for 8 teams to give good game time to all involved for the duration of hall booking.
There will be 2 groups of 4 teams playing on each court, once they have all played round robin within their group , they will play a number of cross over games with the other group.

All clubs taking part must be affiliaed to NNI, All particpants must be registered with NNI via Sportslomo at a level of Casual member or Junior member.

Clubs who have taken part in the U14 leagues this current season 21-22 may enter 1 team, Clubs who have not taken part in the the 21-22 league may enter 2 teams. For this event we will allow each team /squad size to increase up to 15 if needed to try and allow as many as possible to take place.

The focus of this tournamnet is to give opportunity for fun play , positive engagement and a chance to interact with other clubs and players in own age category getting to play for and represnt their club.

Games will be 10 minutes ( may be amended on the day dependant on all particpants arriving & on time etc)
Umpires will be provided

All particpating teams will be asked to assist with volunteers to help with timekeeping and scoring during each game.
The fee to particpate is £10 per teams thanks to funding assiatnce provided by Belfast City Council

For any other detail or info please contact Lisa Rickett on headofdevelopment@netballni.org