Netball Returns!

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland will go head to head in an International Test Match this weekend – the two neighbouring nations have come together to celebrate the return of our great sport.

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This is the first time our Northern Ireland Warriors have played an International Match on their home soil,  since September 2019! It will give Head Coach Elaine Rice a valuable opportunity to see her Warriors Squad in action before they travel to Scotland to play friendlies v Scotland and Wales at the end of the Summer.

This International Match is a celebration event however we have to be mindful that Covid-19 protocols and procedures must be upheld to ensure events like this can run smoothly as we navigate our way through the pandemic. We have carried out a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment working in partnership with Lisburn Racquets and Sport NI, and spectators will be capped at 100, in-keeping with the requirements of Covid-19 Protocols and procedures. To be a spectator we ask that you fill out our online booking form. if you arrive on the door, you will be asked to fill it in. Due to limited availability, we suggest booking your place early to avoid disappointment.

We will have Covid-19 safety measures in place, in keeping with Covid-19 Protocols We ask you to be respectful of these, reviewing the Spectator Code of Behaviour before attending.

Spectator Code of Behaviour

You will be expected to fill out a Pre Test Match Covid-19 Self Assessment. All spectators attending the match must complete a Pre Test Match Covid-19 Self Assessment to facilitate track and trace. Please fill this out within 12 hours of attending. You will also receive a link to this form in your confirmation email when you book your place to be a spectator. This will be checked by a member of Staff/Covid-19 Officer upon your arrival. If you have not completed the form, you will be asked to fill it out before being admitted to the event. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any spectator who refuses to abide by our Covid-19 Protocols and Procedures. We also reserve the right to remind spectators to adhere to the Spectator Code of Conduct at any time.

We look forward to welcoming the Republic of Ireland and our fans to Lisburn Racquets Club this Saturday!