At home training

The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on our everyday lives as well as our netball activities. As we now return to netball, NI Warriors S&C Coach Mike Bentley has created the following at home workouts that all club members and underage national squad athletes can complete to stay netball ready, and help you to return to the court fitter and stronger to meet the demands of the game.

Block 1

Repeat for 2-3 weeks

Netball NI Clubs Program (Block 1).pdf  (click on the link to download)

Block 1 Session 1 exercises
Block 1 Session 2 exercises Block 1 Session 3
45-60 minute cardio (run/bike/row etc but aim to keep moving for the full 45-60min. Record your distance over the time and aim to improve this the next time you complete this session)

Block 2

Repeat for 2-3 weeks

Netball NI Clubs Program (Block 2).pdf (click on the link to download)

Block 2 Session 1 exercisesBlock 2 Session 2 exercises Block 2 Session 3 - Fartlek run session
Jog for 10 minutes to warm-up then pick a landmark in the distance (eg telephone pole, tree, building) and run to it at a faster pace. When you reach it, recover at your normal running pace for as long as you need (just don’t fully stop); find a new landmark and speed up again. Continue this for the rest of the session - adapt the distance you run/recover so that you are challenged but still able to fully complete the run without stopping

Mobility session

Work through a quick mobility session with S&C Coach Mike Bentley. Complete before or after your training sessions, or first thing in the morning to stay flexible

We'll be adding more videos and updates to this page over the coming weeks but check out our Youtube channel page for videos of the workouts.

Ball handling skills

This is also an excellent time to work on your own individual skills - all you need is a bit of space and a ball (any type of ball will do!)

We will be posting training ideas for you to work on at home, and you can check out other netballers and coaches on social media for more tips and ideas, for example

Sasha Corbin Solo Sessions

Laura Malcolm 5 Day Challenge

Netfit Australia online clinics

Susan Petitt ball drills

Please note these videoes are provided as a training resource tool for Netball NI affiliated clubs members. Anyone wishing to use these resources in their own home should take the following precautions prior to exercise:

  • Be aware of your own capabilities and only do what you are comfortable to do or seek medical advice if in any doubt
  • Stay hydrated throughout (post workout, during and prior to the session)
  • Make sure you have created a safe area prior to the workout, by clearing your surroundings - this includes keeping any pets or distractions away during exercise.
  • Members under the age of eighteen should be supervised by a parent/guardian while using these videos.

Please be advised that Netball NI accepts no responsibility for any potential accident/s or harm the user/s may encounter while using these videos, or accessing the resources provided on other sites linked from here.


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