AGM 2022



10th August 2022 – issued to all clubs & schools via email

Notice of the annual general meeting of Netball Northern Ireland


The Affiliated Organisation must give written notice to NNI of the name/s of representatives. This should done by registering online here no later than   5pm on Wednesday 31st August 2022


Dear member,

As per our Articles of Association the Netball Northern Ireland Board notifies you, with not less than 21 days’ notice, of the upcoming Annual General Meeting of the members of Netball Northern Ireland. The details of this meeting are as follows:

Date: Saturday 3rd September 2022
Time: 10am – 12pm
Place: Castleview Room

The Pavilion

Stormont Estate
Upper Newtownards Road


*The annual report will be issued electronically in advance of the meeting

At the meeting, members will have the opportunity to:

  • find out about Netball Northern Ireland’s operations and finances
  • vote on any resolutions proposed.

At the meeting, members will be asked to vote to:

  • accept the minutes of the last annual general meeting
  • accept the annual report
  • accept the annual financial statements
  • appoint an auditor.

Details of proxy appointment:

  • Members have a right to appoint a proxy under section 324 of Companies Act 2006 Article 19
  • Completed proxy forms should be returned to Netball Northern Ireland, either via email ( or post (address below) not later than 4pm Wednesday 31st August 2022.  Please contact for a proxy form.

Proposed timetable


Item Detail Time
1. Light refreshments available 9.30am
2. Welcome

NNI staff update & programme presentation

3. Presentation of key achievements and targets in line with Strategic plan including Chair & EM reports 11.00am
4. Previous Minutes 11.15am
5. NNI Finances 11.20am
6. Proposed Agenda Items/Motions 11.30am
7. Appointment of Auditors 11.45am
8. Final Summary 11.55am
9. Close 12.00pm


In order to adhere to the proposed timetable, the NNI Board kindly request that aside from points of clarity, members wishing to table any agenda items or motions please do so in writing to the Executive Manager not later than 5pm on Friday 26th August 2022.

Items or questions raised on the morning that have not been received by the Executive Manager by the deadline or items that fall outside of the business of the AGM may not be dealt with at the meeting but may be responded to in a more appropriate setting.

All motions or agenda items must be sent care of the Netball Office address or Executive Manager email address. Any motion should also be supported by 2 other individual members who are each eligible to vote at the AGM.

All affiliated clubs must send a minimum of 1 representative to the AGM. Any club failing to meet this requirement will be fined £25 and will not be allowed to affiliate until the fine has been paid.

All Clubs, Schools or Bodies of NNI who are not in default of membership fees due to NNI or affiliation fees, are eligible to vote at the AGM. Affiliated Clubs members hold 3 votes and an Affiliated Schools other Body member will hold 1 vote. Every Affiliated Organisation representative must be a member of NNI and aged 18 years or over on the 1st day of January in the current year to be eligible to vote on their behalf.

The Affiliated Organisation must give written notice to NNI of the name/s of representatives. This should done by registering online here no later than   5pm on Wednesday 31st August 2022

All individual members who are not in default of fees are eligible to attend and speak but are not allowed to vote unless they are representing a club, school or affiliated body.