Netball NI and Netball New Zealand collaboration

  • Nov 01,2021

Netball NI recently collaborated with Netball New Zealand to provide support for our Senior Head Coach Elaine Rice in order to add expertise to the national coaching team.

Netball New Zealand Chief Executive Jennie Wylie said "she was thrilled that Netball New Zealand coaching legend Yvonne Willering was able to support Northern Ireland with her coaching expertise.  Yvonne has a huge amount of international coaching experience and we were pleased she had the time and capacity to provide coach mentoring for Northern Ireland Head coach.”

Elaine Rice also commented on the collaboration "as a coach I am always trying to improve my knowledge. As a player I was a WA/C and a wannabe GA! Therefore I feel that I am more accomplished in coaching the midcourt / attacking ends of the court. I had indicated early in my appointment that I would be keen to work with a defensive expert. We are most fortunate that the Silver Ferns have provided us with this opportunity in working with Yvonne. Former international GK and captain, Gemma Lawlor (nee Gibney) will assist Clare Winning and I in putting Yvonne's knowledge into practice. We have had one session and it was highly informative and now we are working hard at putting it into practice at our Warriors training to give us another means of defence."

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