Chair Appointment - Helen Stirling

  • Sep 27,2021

Netball NI are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chair, Helen Stirling.

Previous Chair, Geoff Wilson stepped down from the role  following 4 years in position at the September 2021 AGM. As per the Netball NI Articles of Association, the Board of Netball NI have appointed Helen Stirling to take over the position commencing her role on Saturday 25th September 2021.

With the importance of delivering the Strongest Together strategy, launched in September 2020, the Board of Netball NI felt it was important to recruit the next Chair from within the current Board team who had been instrumental in the creation of the strategy and fully behind the Vison and Mission. An internal recruitment process was drafted, approved, and undertaken, overseen by the Chair with interviews held in July 2021.

Netball NI invite our members to welcome Helen to the role and are excited as she takes on the leadership of our organisation.

As many of our members know, Helen is not new to netball, she has grown up in the game and has experience across domestic and international competition as an athlete as well as domestic experience as a coach and an umpire.

She has a passion for sport, in particular women’s sport and joined the Board of Netball NI 3 years ago to give something back to the sport she loves, utilising her sport experience and professional knowledge as an HR Manager in a global company to help drive Netball NI forward and representing Netball NI at both Europe Netball AGM and World Netball Congress.

As Chair, Helen will use her experience and skills to ensure we execute on our strategy and continue to grow the sport using the expertise and passion of our Board, Staff and Volunteers to help many others enjoy the sport she has loved throughout her life.

Helen commented, ‘It’s an honour to become the Chair of Netball NI, Geoff in his time in the role has taken the organisation to a new level and I am extremely thankful for the work he has done and the leadership he has taken, supporting the work of the Board, and enabling us to learn and grow together. I am really excited to take on the role of Chair and look forward to executing on our Strategy, Strongest Together.’

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