2019-20 NNI Individual Senior Affiliations - deadline 30th Sep

  • Sep 14,2019

The Sportlomo system is now live and successfully taking NNI individual affiliations.

Differences in process from last season:

  1. every member must register through a sportlomo account, there is no option for club secretaries to type in member details 
  2. we need each member to have a sportlomo account in order for each individual to make an online payment, there is no other payment option
  3. one sportlomo account = one membership registration (except in junior membership where parents may register more than one child to a club)
  4. members can access their club membership registration portal by finding their club on the link below:

NNI affiliations

Similar to last season, club secretaries will need to log in to their club portal to approve members.

Any questions please direct to clubandworkforce@netballni.org or activeclubs@netballni.org

NNI affiliations

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