Officiating Working Group (OWG) set the direction   13/06/2018

The newly formed Officiating Working Group (OWG) met last night at the Netball NI office to discuss and agree on key tasks needed to improve and develop the officiating system ahead of the 2018-19 season.

The tasks that the group will be involved in or will be working on are as follows:

Umpire Liaison
Umpire/tutor/assessor appointment criteria
Umpire appointments to NNI events
Umpire responsibilities and protocols
Umpire and Coach forum
Umpire workshop content at U21 Europeans
Teacher Umpire Course
NE suggested content for Awards

It is intended to have better communication across competitions and events, better awards for new umpires coming into netball, clearer policies and procedures and quality CPD opportunities for all umpires. 

The group consists of Sonya Thomson, Moya Mcveigh, Catriona Mills, Maureen Caughers, Janine Beazley, Grainne Mackle and Tom Causer.

Tom Causer (Netball NI Club and Workforce Officer) commented on the group and the first meeting "we have been lucky to pull together a group of passionate people with umpiring knowledge and expertise that will help alleviate some of the challenges from last season as well as look at developing clearer policies and procedures.  In addition we are wanting to invest in developing our umpires and also providing a opportunity for coaches and umpires to come together in a safe environment to improve rules understanding and all other aspects involved in matches."